Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bunco, Schpunko!

Well, as I haven't written a single word since July, I thought I would take to the keys and surge on.

Tonight I am hosting my neighborhood Bunco. If you have ever played Bunco before, you are well aware that it is a very "complex" game of dice (please note the sarcasm) where you throw the dice and try to get all of the dice to be "all fours" for example. Doesn't sound very complicated now, does it? Well, mix in a couple of drinks and it can get very interesting, very fast.

I've played a lot of Bunco over the years and been in a few Bunco groups. The most fun ones are those where the women have a great sense of humor. Because let's face it -- it's a pretty stupid, boring little game!

Sometimes I've come across those women who would like you to stop taking and start rolling. They aren't rude about it, they just sort of give you this "look" as if you are completely wasting their time.

Then there are those types of women that you wish would be the ones that came to Bunco every time -- the types that a. can't remember what table to go to b. can't recall what "number" we are rolling and c. couldn't care less! Guess which group I fall into?

Because when you get right down to it, and really consider it, there is just too much "serious"stuff to think about in our world and we all just need to lighten up a bit. So ladies, here's my advice to you, if you're not coming to Bunco for some good old-fashioned fun, then you might as well stay home and do the laundry-- and give the rest of us time to unwind, have good conversation, and most importantly, forget about all the serious stuff and laugh!