Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Larkmead?

Well - here goes. My very first experience with "blogging". I used to laugh at my sister a few years back when she began to "blog". "Blog"? What the heck is that"? I said to her. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that she is the "creative" one in the family and so finding something that is geared toward "creativity" was sure to find her first!

As for the name "Larkmead". If any of you have spent any time in the Napa Valley of California, you may have heard of a small winery called Larkmead. It was created by my great-great grandfather, Fulgenzio Morosoli, back in the 1800s. They made a "fine" table wine there, and it was a place where my sister, brother and I spent many happy hours as children. We would run through the vast vineyards and sit beneath our own fruit trees that our grandfather planted for us there - I believe mine was "plum". Anyway, on this vineyard there sat a beautiful, rambling old "ranch house" where my great grandmother lived. Up stairs there was a huge (or so it seems through my childhood eyes) attic where we would play for hours and jump on old mattresses that were once used for the field hands.

Larkmead was a place of infinite wonder and beauty, and so when I named this blog site, I felt it would fit well.

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